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How To Host A Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a preferred open world game that you could play as a solo or as being a multiplayer. For you to take part in the game as a multiplayer, you will need to rent or host a web server. Hosting a server is generally better since it tends to be cheaper than renting. If you need to host the server, listed below are steps that you should follow.

Download this program

You should download the minecraft program from your minecraft website and save it in your computer.

Before downloading the program, you have to ensure that your computer is compatible with the program. For example, you must ensure that your computer features a fast CPU and sufficient RAM.

Download Minecraft

Since minecraft requires java to perform, you need to ensure that your computer has the latest version of java. Window computers usually don't come with pre-installed java; therefore, you will need to download it from java website.

Mac computers usually include Java pre-installed and usually update automatically. If your Mac doesn't have the latest version of Java, you can download it in the Java website.

Prepare this system for use

Once you have downloaded minecraft, you need to prepare it for use. If you work with a windows computer, you simply need to double-click the file that you had saved the program in. After double clicking you will note an interface window along with a series of messages.

If you use a Mac computer, you should create a command file. One does this by opening TextEdit and from your format menu, choose 'make plain text'.

Next copy the instruction: '#!/bin/bash cd "$(dirname "$0")" exec java -Xmx1G -Xms1G -jar minecraft_server.jar' then save the file within the same file that you had saved the downloaded minecraft.

Modify the way that you want to play the game

You can do this by accessing the properties file in the server. You do this by using a notepad in windows or TextEdit in MacOs. You must configure the settings the way you like and then save the modifications.

For example, if you want to play the game in survival mode, you should leave the game mode setting at '0'; however, if you want to play the game in creative mode you need to set the game mode to 'I'.

Determine who are able to access the game

Here you only need to edit the white-list file by adding the username of each one player that you would wish to access the server. To save, you should press enter after ever username. Download Minecraft

Buy your public IP address

This is the address that you provide to anyone that wants to connect to the server but he/she is outside your immediate network. Finding the IP address is easy while you only need to do a world wide web search using an argument such as 'what is my IP'.

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